Our Mission

Our mission at Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc., is to rescue huskies that are displaced, unwanted, abused, lost, abandoned or scheduled for euthanasia and provide them with a second chance at life by finding them permanent homes.

We can’t save them all, but the one you do save can change your life forever!
— Tim McVicker, President of Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc.

We are dedicated to accomplishing our goals by:


    Educating the public, finding safe foster homes and permanent placement of rescued, unwanted, abandoned and abused Siberian Huskies. Educating the public regarding the care, shelter and maintenance of husky dog


    Finding safe foster homes and permanent placement for Siberian Huskies in loving and supportive homes where they will be loved and well taken care of. Managing and investigating all potential husky adoption families.


    Providing food, shelter and medical care for adoptable huskies by distributing food and paying for medical care for animals needing permanent placement.


    Sponsoring adoption events for huskies in collaboration with animal shelters and other rescue organizations.


    Soliciting donations to help expand operations to generate public awareness and education and to encourage as many adoptions of husky animals to prevent euthanasia of husky dogs in shelters.

Shadow Husky Rescue is a non-profit organization run by like-minded professionals and volunteers with a passion for helping dogs. We spend our time and resources to save the lives of these animals and advocate public safety.

*All administrative operations are run through our office. Contact Us for more information.