Mally’s Story - Against All Odds

Rescue and Emergency Surgery


Mally was rescued on March 28, 2018 from SEAACA in Downey, CA and rushed into emergency surgery to remove junk from his stomach and intestinal tract, including wire, barbed plastics, and other foreign material. He was slowly dying from all of this and this initial surgery saved his life. This is just the beginning of Mally’s story, he was then diagnosed with Patella Luxate and a liver shunt that would need to be repaired for him to have any chance at a normal life.

Two knee surgeries


Mally then needed two knee surgeries to repair detached patellas in both of his hind legs. He had both surgeries with the first one healing well but when he went up to UC Davis to get his consult for the liver shunt operation he was scheduled to have they found that his second knee was infected to the bone and had a birth deformity that kept it from healing properly like the first knee. The doctors at UC Davis felt it was best to amputate his right leg to give him the highest chance of a normal, comfortable life.

Unexpected leg amputation


The decision was either re-constructive surgery which would leave Mally with discomfort for the rest of his life or amputation. Mally had his hind right leg amputated on July 31, 2018. This amputation was unexpected and set Mally back one month on his liver operation.

Liver Shunt Repair

Mally’s liver shunt operation performed by Dr. William Culp at UC Davis went very well and set Mally on his way to a normal life where he could eat a normal diet rather than the protein restrictive diet he had to be on in order for his liver to function properly. Shortly after his liver shunt operation Mally developed an ulcer that needed immediate care but was handled.

Finding Laska and Their Forever home

Mally and Laska4.jpg

While healing from his surgeries and treatments Mally met his husky girlfriend Laska (read Laska’s Story) while being fostered at Beth Kramer’s home. Laska happens to have the same condition that Mally did, Patella Luxate. Mally and Laska became inseparable so it was crucial to Shadow Husky Rescue to find them a forever home together. They found the best home they could ask for with Marie and her husband up in Idaho where they live with two other Shadow Husky Rescue huskies, Scoot (read Scoot’s Story) and George.

Mally’s surgeries cost Shadow Husky Rescue over $30,000. Any donations to help pay the bills for his treatment are greatly appreciated.