Master Wolf ™

Tim McVicker also known as Master Wolf ™, President of Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc.

Famous French poet and journalist Anatole France once wrote, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” You could say I found my animal soulmate when I rescued my first Husky, Shadow, in 2006. But, ever since I was a child I was passionate about rescuing animals. As a little boy I used to feed stray dogs my lunch at school. They would follow me home and I would hide them in my closet, praying that my dad wouldn’t catch me.

Troubles getting into trouble as usual.

Troubles getting into trouble as usual.

One time he did. He found a one year old black and brown Beagle I had been hiding from him. “Get that dog out of this house!” he yelled. Because we were always getting in trouble together, I named the dog Troubles.

Troubles would wait outside for me to get out of class so I could feed him my lunch every day. Then he would follow me home and at night I would hide him again. One night he ran upstairs and jumped on the couch where my dad was sleeping. Troubles curled up in his lap and fell asleep. Something unexpected happened when my dad woke up.

1967 Here’s my Dad with his best friend Troubles that will always be at his side.

1967 Here’s my Dad with his best friend Troubles that will always be at his side.


My Mom with our girl Silvia

My Momma loved Silvia so much!! We spent our Honeymoon with our 7 Huskies with my Mom up in Longview Washington and visited her Retirement Home showing our Wedding video. Three Hundred people visited us in the Reception Room that night for there entertainment time. Silvia was our Ring Bear and the hit of the night with all our huskies present.

He saw Troubles all bundled up in his lap and instantly fell in love with him. From that day on the two were inseparable. My dad would take the dog to work every day and he would never leave his side. Troubles touched my father’s soul and opened a door to his heart that he didn’t even realize existed.

When Troubles finally passed away, I was a freshman in College. It affected my dad so much that he left home for a week and no one knew where he’d gone. Losing Troubles hurt him so bad that he needed that time to grieve. Even when his own father died I don’t think he took it as hard as when Troubles passed.

Dogs like Troubles are not just companions. They are soulmates and many of us wouldn’t be complete without them. The unconditional love these animals bring is priceless. That’s why the motto I wrote for the rescue is, “We can’t save them all, but the one you do save can change your life forever.”

Shadow, a timber wolf Siberian Husky was my soulmate for 7 years. I rescued him from the Orange pound when he had one day left to live. Shadow was trained as a therapy dog. He loved to go to convalescent homes and meet people. Never in my life had I ever had an animal so loving towards human beings. If he were put down, all the lives he touched would have been missing something wonderful.

A lot has happened since my days with Shadow. I got married, took part in many rescues and built Shadow Husky Ranch. It’s been a rough road to get where we are now but things are finally coming together. I am excited to save more lives and spread the happiness I found from adopting rescue dogs with the rest of the world.

Building Shadow Husky Ranch is a testament to his memory and the joy I have found rescuing Huskies.

Shadow changed my life forever!